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At Convex, we believe we can challenge the status quo in property insurance.


We write a broad range of business across multiple territories, both direct and through delegated underwriting authorities.

We offer excellent levels of service to clients ranging from SMEs to major multinationals, as well as to brokers and coverholders. Our streamlined governance processes make us easy to do business with, while our data-driven approach brings new insights to all our stakeholders. And because we’re all about complex risk, we will place yours on its individual merits.

For general questions feel free to ask via our chatbot, or to ask the team directly via email at their team inbox.

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Dan Noble

Head of Property

After underwriting property insurance for over 25 years, I saw Convex as a tremendous opportunity to help build something new and exciting. A company with underwriting at its heart and an appetite for a novel approach.

We’re able to put clients’ needs first and foremost, unencumbered by administrative burdens or established ways of doing things. We can also select the top tier of talent from the market place.

Our property underwriting team contains respected leaders, with a track record of providing tailored insurance solutions to suit clients’ complex needs.

It’s also great to have a clean slate to think how we might best collect and interrogate premiums and claims data. It allows us to think about the kind of data we might need in order to test our hunches.

How we work

After years of rate reductions and increased loss costs, the property insurance market is returning to a more prudent pricing of risk and a strengthening of terms and conditions. Yet selection decisions around risk quality have never been so important.

An absence of legacy portfolios allows us to focus our expertise on providing innovative approaches to transferring risk. We’re actively looking at new placements and approaches that better suit our clients’ challenges in a changing risk landscape.

We also have the opportunity to harness data and artificial intelligence to develop a greater understanding of risk. For example, we’re designing a system that splits data into time element exposures and physical damage exposures. This will make it easier to assess and price complex risks more accurately.

Who we do business with

We’re excited to work with a range of clients, from multinational corporations to coverholders with a detailed understanding of niche markets. We look for partners whose insurance forms a major part of their risk mitigation, alongside their wider risk management approach.

We see the opportunity to identify clients that are best in class: ones that appreciate transparency, aim for consistency and share our goal of creating stable, long-term partnerships that benefit both parties.