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The Convex Conversation

Inspirational life-stories with journalist Helen Fospero.

As a journalist, l’ve reported on and presented a wide-range of TV programmes and continue to meet incredible people – a podcast series offered a fantastic new challenge with no shortage of ideas for guests. With such a simple brief to work with, I knew I could introduce a natural mix of inspirational people, business leaders, celebrities and find a home for those without necessarily a high profile but with interesting lives worthy of airtime.

  • # 169 – Dr Tess Morris-Paterson –

    Published March 24, 2024

    Astronaut Selection with Dr Tess Morris-Paterson As NASA prepares to land people on the Moon for the first time since 1972, aerospace physiologist Dr Tess Morris-Paterson talks about her work selecting astronauts for missions like Artemis and what it takes to become an astronaut.  Tess explains the lunar orbit of the Moon’s South Pole, discusses…

  • # 168 – Bonita Norris

    Published March 17, 2024

    Bonita Norris on Conquering Everest at 22 Bonita Norris became the youngest British woman to summit Everest in 2010, aged just 22. What was even more remarkable about her feat, was that she only started mountaineering at university. Inspired and driven by the thought of seeing the curvature of the Earth from the world’s highest…

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  • #167 – Russell Foster

    Published March 10, 2024

    How Our Body Clock Can Revolutionise Our Sleep and Health Eminent scientist Russell Foster, Professor of Circadian Neuroscience at Oxford University, shares some of his extraordinary life’s work, taking us on a fascinating journey through the science of our body clocks. As work and recreation time has become increasingly blurred, we’ve neglected our 24-hour biological…

  • #166 – Alice Loxton

    Published March 4, 2024

    Alice Loxton – Bringing History to Life for Millions on Socials Historian Alice Loxton is on a mission to bring history to a wider, younger audience using the power of her 2 million followers on socials. The 28-year-old presenter and author travels up and down the UK, filming intriguing bite-sized historical facts and little-known stories…

  • #165 – Shoshana Stewart

    Published February 26, 2024

    Shoshana Stewart on Protecting Heritage & Communities at Risk When a 26-year-old American astrophysics major arrived in the Old City of Kabul in Afghanistan to volunteer, she had no idea the work would become a major part of her life, helping tens of thousands of people survive and thrive in unstable, war-torn countries.  Shoshana Stewart,…

  • #164 – Clare Rewcastle Brown

    Published February 19, 2024

    How One Woman Exposed the World’s Biggest Fraud Investigative journalist Clare Rewcastle Brown reveals the remarkable story behind her exposing the 1MDB fraud in which billions of dollars were embezzled from Malaysia’s sovereign wealth fund.  From her kitchen table in London, Clare worked doggedly with the FBI and US Department of Justice on her one-woman…

  • #163 – Tim Purbrick OBE

    Published February 12, 2024

    British Army tasked Lieutenant Colonel Tim Purbrick OBE to preserve some of the world’s greatest cultural treasures. Six years ago, the British Army tasked Lieutenant Colonel Tim Purbrick OBE with forming a unit to defend and preserve some of the world’s greatest cultural treasures, at risk of theft or destruction in conflict. The former tank…

  • #162 – Rosie Nixon

    Published February 5, 2024

    Former Hello! Editor in Chief Rosie Nixon on Reinventing Herself Hello! Magazine’s former Editor in Chief Rosie Nixon talks openly about how she unexpectedly found herself on the brink of burnout after 16 years at Britain’s favourite celebrity magazine. Despite incredible career success, Rosie was running on empty and didn’t feel the same joy from…

  • #161 – Linda Magistris

    Published January 28, 2024

    The Good Grief Trust – Help and Hope in One Place Grange Hill star Linda Magistris founded The Good Grief Trust after she lost her partner – BAFTA-winning director Graham Theakston – to a rare cancer and found little support to help her cope with his early death.   Linda has grown it into the UK’s…

  • #160 – Carl Galvin

    Published January 21, 2024

    An Inside Look at Organised Crime in Britain Operation Ringtail culminated in convictions following the smashing of a drugs ring who smuggled more than £1.5 billion worth of cocaine into the UK, hidden in boxes of frozen chicken.  Leading the investigation was this week’s guest, Detective Chief Superintendent Carl Galvin – Head of the Yorkshire…

  • #159 – Dr Chloe Buiting

    Published January 15, 2024

    Adventures of The Jungle Doctor, Dr Chloe Buiting Dr Chloe Buiting, known as The Jungle Doctor, is an Australian wildlife vet & conservationist whose love for nature & animals started as a teenager on the remote Lord Howe Island, described by Lord Attenborough as “so extraordinary it’s almost unbelievable.” Chloe’s work includes fitting prosthetics on…

  • #158 – Sue Anstiss MBE

    Published January 8, 2024

    Driving Change in Women’s Sport with Sue Anstiss 2024 is an exciting year for women’s sport, not least with the Olympics in Paris on the horizon – the first Games in history to offer gender parity. Sue Anstiss MBE has been involved in women’s sport for more than three decades – dedicating much of her…

  • #157 Dr Bevis Watts

    Published December 17, 2023

    Pioneering Nature-Based Solutions to Help Society & the Planet As our climate emergency deepens, the CEO of Triodos Bank UK – one of the world’s most sustainable banks – explains how the current global banking system needs strong mandatory regulations to become a catalyst for a more sustainable future and fairer economy. Dr Bevis Watts…

  • #156 – Artu Nepomuceno

    Published December 11, 2023

    Capturing ’Mambabatok’ Apo Whang-Od’s Beauty for Vogue’s Cover When Vogue Philippines asked Artu Nepomuceno to trek to the remote mountain village of Buscalan to photograph 106-year-old tattoo artist Apo Whang-Od, he said yes immediately! Apo Whang-Od is the last ‘mambabatok’ of her generation, keeping the thousand-year-old practice of ‘batok’ alive by training and inspiring her…