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US Casualty

The US casualty market remains challenging. While rates aren’t at an all-time high, gains and losses from previous years continue to drive them upwards.


Our experience, data and clean balance sheet mean we can price insurance accurately and set terms and conditions that are appropriate to each client’s needs.

We mainly write insurance for Fortune 1000 businesses, whether they’re in commercial construction, rail or other. But whatever a client’s size or sector, our legacy-free position provides the peace of mind that we’ll still be here in 10 years. So they can keep their business with us, and keep investing in our relationship, for the long term.

For general questions feel free to ask the team directly via email at their team inbox.

US: [email protected]

Nick Waddell

Head of US Casualty

I joined Convex after 18 years in the business, including stints at Catlin and Hiscox. Then Convex started up, and gave me a great opportunity to get into a new business in a good part of the market.

I’ve been lucky enough to start a book of business from scratch, but I’ve never been in an insurance company from scratch. The chance to get in at the ground level and be influential in building a culture was too good to pass up. And with industry-leading individuals at the top, well supported by cash providers, there were really good tailwinds to make it a success.

As Convex grows, so I think will its competitive advantage. Big, successful companies want a big, successful insurer. Our strong capital base and clean balance sheet will give us the edge.

Who we work with

The US Casualty team is made up of four people with around 35 years of combined experience.

They’re all typical of the type of person Convex employs: excited by opportunity and enjoying being different. For those of us who have been here since the start, it’s really refreshing to hear employees that have joined after us say that we walk the talk.

Another differentiator is our growing amount and use of data. As time goes on, this accumulated data will allow us to be more and more accurate and competitive. I think that’s really important to clients. When the price is off, clients feel that the underwriters haven’t understood what their exposures are, and that’s a frustration. Ultimately, we’ll understand their business better than anyone else. And they’ll get a deal that’s appropriate to them.

How we work

Our main client base is Fortune 1000 businesses in commercial construction, rail and other sectors. These companies tend of have tight risk management and complex needs that their insurer needs to fully grasp. They also want a stable partner they can place their business with for the long term.

Whether we’re working with clients or brokers, we aim to build stable, mutually beneficial relationships that benefit both parties over time. Our ideal partners share this goal, along with a passion for transparency and the power of data to drive improvements.