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International Casualty

The Convex International Casualty team services complex, unconventional risks from all over the world. We have a forward-thinking, entrepreneurial underwriting approach. We are unhampered by legacy and will combine market-leading talent and data to offer brokers and clients the best products and service in the market.


We provide a broad range of public, products, pollution and employers liability coverage to clients large and small.

Our clients are domiciled anywhere in the world, outside of the USA, the UK and Ireland. We collaborate across the casualty department to make sure you receive the fullest possible coverage. We tailor our coverage to both your jurisdiction and your needs.

Whatever the risk class, size or location, we’ll serve our broker and clients quickly and fairly. And because we combine past experience with reliable data, they can trust we’ll come to the right decision.

For general questions feel free to ask the team directly via email at their team inbox.

International: [email protected]

Dervla Lynchehaun

Head of International Casualty

I’ve been in insurance for 11 years, first at Arch Insurance Europe then at Tokio Marine Kiln – focusing on International Casualty throughout.

My time at Kiln showed me what one person with a vision to do things differently can achieve. I saw the same drive at Convex, and the chance to work with industry-leading professionals at a legacy-free, innovative organisation was too good to miss.

Trusting your team is incredibly important, and I’ve been lucky that two excellent former ex-colleagues decided to join Convex. With a total of 30 years of experience, we’re in a great place to take an open, well-informed approach. We offer a strong capital base and consistency to our clients.

Who we work with

At Convex, we have market leading talent, but we want to go further. We want to lead the market in using reliable data and advanced technology to get better results for our clients. We’re developing the tools to help us do that. But to get the most out of those tools, we need to capture a lot of data. Using data will also make us better at selecting risks and respond to claims trends. For example, we aim to use AI to pick out micro trends in loss reports.

Overall, our approach will allow us to adapt our products to the changing needs of our clients and become truly forward-thinking long-term partner. We’re very engaged with our clients. That means we communicate clearly with them and our brokers. We are not afraid to have difficult conversations and trade with transparency. We are committed to building long-term relationships that help us both grow.

How we work

We serve clients in construction and contractors, heavy and light manufacturing, mining, motorsport, power and utilities, public municipalities and local government, rail and SMEs.

We’re excited by working with organizations that have a good track record in claims and risk management. But we also appreciate clients who are brutally honest about their expectations, and value our honesty too. Having that transparency from the outset is key to what we do.

Our clients aren’t just the people we provide insurance for, though. They’re the brokers deciding where to place business. We service as much of their book as possible, to make sure we’re always at the top of their call sheet. We also keep in regular contact with them. So if we exit or enter a class or sub-class, they hear about it from us.