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Security Risks

Kidnap, ransom and extortion are among the most stressful experiences you can have. So it’s more important than ever that you choose an insurer you can trust.


We provide insurance you can count on in the event you need to claim. That means we’ll return you to financial position you were in before the incident, and we’ll supply world-class advice on how to resolve the problem.

We also write maritime kidnap and piracy insurance as a separate product within our portfolio.

Rob Davies

Head of Security Risks

I’ve been working in security risk insurance for 34 years, including 26 at Hiscox, where I ran the business globally.

I’ve stayed in this line of insurance because it’s spectacularly rewarding from a personal impact perspective. You take people who are facing an horrific experience and you help to solve it for them. It’s a real privilege to hear happy stories when you meet a client after the incident is resolved.

It took me less than three minutes to decide to join Convex. The company has a truly inspiring vision, and the amount of investment it raised is a real endorsement from the market. It was also clear from my chat with Paul Brand that he understands how important it is to pay claims, especially in an area like Security Risks. It’s how you build trust. There was no question in my mind that’s what Convex is about.

How we work

Our service may be new, but our team has been involved in thousands of incidents. This proven track record means you can trust us to resolve the situation in a swift, safe and empathetic way.

We’re also aware that product itself won’t be what differentiates us. It’s through our response that we’ll really stand out. From the moment you contact us, we’ll bring our decades of experience to bear – including our understanding of the emotional toll these incidents take.

We’ll also focus on building strong and lasting relationships with clients and brokers, particularly brokers in the London market. And we’ll always be honest and transparent.

Who we do business with

Our clients range from large and medium-sized companies to private clients in Latin America. We also work with brokers who value being more involved in the response process.

Whether they’re corporates or individuals, clients ask brokers to approach us because they trust us to deliver. We expect this need for trust to grow as criminal gangs try to make up for their losses during the pandemic.