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Crisis Resilience

Crises are the most serious challenges facing any organisation. While crises may be caused by a range of different events the common factor is that they present organisations with complex challenges that could have far-reaching, damaging consequences. That’s why we have partnered with CYGNVS to create an intuitive crisis preparation, management and response platform, all in one simple system. And, we provide it complimentary to all Convex policy holders.


Managing a crisis effectively requires a clear understanding of the evolving situation at any given time. Given this clarity, organisations are enabled to make clear decisions, leading to swifter, more effective resolutions.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with CYGNVS to provide a highly secure cloud-based environment to stay up to date, communicate and share vital information. It ensures all stakeholders have a shared, clear, consistent, real time view of any given situation, enabling timely decision making, wherever they are.

Complimentary to all Convex policy holders, the CYGNVS solution will enable you to configure your crisis management plans into coherent and easy to follow workstreams

Our solution

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    Crisis management

    The CYGNVS solution will enable you to configure your crisis management plans into coherent and easy to follow workstreams

  • Centralised communications

    Communications are centralised and recorded securely through the platform (rather than multi channel: email, WhatsApp, phone calls etc) providing a single source of truth and a clear auditable trail

  • Secure exchange

    Secure exchange of documents with the ability to sign and execute

  • Invite third parties

    Third parties, who are often critical in crisis response, can be invited into a controlled and secure fashion

  • Manageable workstreams

    Breaks down relevant actions into workstreams allowing the apportionment of ownership and milestones

  • Separate collaboration spaces

    Workstreams are separated into different collaboration spaces to focus information exchange and enable discrete collaboration spaces for specific interactions (e.g. legal privilege)

  • Reduced business interuption

    Helps reduce business interruption through structuring your crisis response into simple outcome orientated workstreams

  • Single source of information

    Enables a single source of information pre, during and post incident, creating coherent and thorough auditable records of processes and actions