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Mike Hansen

Head of Aerospace

At Convex, we believe that we can challenge the status quo. We see opportunities to make it easier for coverholders to do business with us with more streamlined governance processes.

After years of rate reductions and increased loss costs, we had reached an unsustainable environment for risk takers. Across territories, the market is reacting, returning to more prudent pricing of risk and strengthening of terms and conditions. Risk quality and risk selection have never been so important, and the differentiation between individual clients has never been so stark. We see the opportunity to identify those that are best in class, and to partner with those who take a long-term approach to risk management and aim for consistency and reliability.

Liv Tyler

Head of Marine Insurance

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We believe we are arriving at just the moment when our clients and brokers require a fresh approach.

We intend to use the latest and most robust data to build a rating platform that considers multiple factors in our view of clients, beyond the traditional exposure and experience methods and aims to view our target portfolio over a longer period than is typical.

As we build out our target portfolio and analysis tools we believe we will be able to have even more transparent and productive discussions with our brokers and clients, underpinned by detailed insight into their operations and challenges.

We are in a pivotal moment in our market cycle and it is incredibly fulfilling to be able to provide a high quality product offering to our clients and brokers just at the time when there is significant disruption, creating serious issues for them. Our mantra of “How can we help?” becomes a powerful message.

Who we do business with

We aim to work with major airlines and product manufacturers in most geographies, but especially North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Aerospace is – by its nature – a highly technological industry and is constantly investing in safety; we are looking to be a ‘go to’ market for sophisticated clients by offering quality security, superior service and a flexible approach to solving their issues and challenges.

Our Experts