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The Convex Conversation

Inspirational life-stories with journalist Helen Fospero.

As a journalist, l’ve reported on and presented a wide-range of TV programmes and continue to meet incredible people – a podcast series offered a fantastic new challenge with no shortage of ideas for guests. With such a simple brief to work with, I knew I could introduce a natural mix of inspirational people, business leaders, celebrities and find a home for those without necessarily a high profile but with interesting lives worthy of airtime.

  • #133 – Martin Brunt

    Published May 21, 2023

    Crime reporter Martin Brunt reveals undisclosed stories behind the headlines Crime reporter Martin Brunt has covered some of the biggest and most notorious crime stories in British history for Sky News for the last three decades.  Still working in 24-hour breaking news, he’s finally found time to write a book – No One Got Cracked…

  • #132 – Tom Sellers

    Published May 14, 2023

    Chef Tom Sellers on life, his journey, and being ready for the next chapter Helen joins Chef Tom Sellers at his stunning new London restaurant, Story Cellar in Neal’s Yard, for an honest and open chat about his journey and the next chapter in Tom’s story. From the age of 16, he worked unforgiving hours…

  • #131 – Daniel Wiegand

    Published May 8, 2023

    Lilium co-founder Daniel Wiegand shows Helen the first electric vertical take-off and… Daniel Wiegand shares the story of how he came up with the concept and architecture for the electric Lilium jet as a young engineering student inspired by the V-22 Osprey – a vertical take-off US military aircraft — and how he’s grown the…

  • #130 – George Duffield

    Published May 5, 2023

    Blue Marine Foundation’s co-founder and former award-winning British film-maker George Duffield explains how overfishing is destroying the ocean’s biodiversity and its ability to store carbon yet is one of the world’s most solvable problems. George hopes robust data gleaned from Blue’s partnership with scientists from Exeter University and Convex in the five-year Convex Seascape Survey…

  • #129 – Nick Hall

    Published April 3, 2023

    Herbert Hall Winery in Kent produces just 20,000 bottles of English sparkling wine a year but can be found in some of the most prestigious places, including Fortnum & Mason, and King Charles’ Highgrove collection. Herbert farmed in Marden at the end of the nineteenth century. His great-grandson Nick explains why the land is perfect…

  • #128 – Michael Cleveland

    Published March 28, 2023

    Hot on the heels of his exciting new album release, Grammy winning Bluegrass fiddler Michael Cleveland wows Helen with his breathtaking playing, live from his studio in Indiana. Michael was born blind and is partially deaf, yet has risen to the absolute top of his game, collaborating with music legends such as Alison Krauss, Bela…

  • #127 – Belinda Raphael

    Published March 22, 2023

    Wim Hof Instructor, Belinda Raphael, explains the health benefits and compelling science behind the famous Wim Hof Method and shares stories from a recent expedition to Poland with The Iceman himself. Belinda accidentally discovered cold-water therapy after suffering chronic pain following a severe attack from a patient in her role as a critical care nurse…

  • #126 – Jimi Daodu

    Published March 6, 2023

    The Metaverse is predicted to be a fast growing trillion-dollar industry by 2030, but how much do we know about it or understand how it might enrich our lives? Vault Hill Founder/CEO Jimi Daodu and his team are building the first human centric virtual world designed to enhance human experiences. Jimi takes us on a…

  • #125 – Gamal Turawa

    Published February 27, 2023

    The Black Cop, winner of Best British Short Film at last year’s BAFTAs, is the story of Gamal ‘G’ Turawa’s life growing up with a white foster family in Kent, abuse by his biological parents and his experiences in the Metropolitan Police. Despite the racism he suffered in the force, ‘G’ is proud to have…

  • #124 – Theresa Patricios and Cam Parker

    Published February 20, 2023

    Theresa Patricios, Head of Investments at Convex Insurance, and life-long friend Cam Parker talk about the mental and physical challenges of their upcoming 2,800-mile row across the Pacific, raising funds for mental health charity Mind. Their ambition? To become the first re-insurance team to tackle an ocean. As part of an organised race, their four-man…

  • #123 – John Hajdu

    Published February 13, 2023

    Holocaust Survivor John Hajdu describes life as a small boy in Budapest as Jews were rounded up, killed and taken to concentration camps during World War 2. He describes the fear of hiding in a dark cupboard at age 4, living in a cramped ghetto with little food, dead bodies on the streets, being forced…

  • #122 – Paul Johnson

    Published February 9, 2023

    Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies and Economist, Paul Johnson, explores the state of Britain’s economy and explains what’s needed for recovery and vital economic growth. Paul – who writes a column for The Times newspaper – says the absolute priority is for inflation, currently at a 40-year high, to come down and be…