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The Convex Conversation

Inspirational life-stories with journalist Helen Fospero.

As a journalist, l’ve reported on and presented a wide-range of TV programmes and continue to meet incredible people – a podcast series offered a fantastic new challenge with no shortage of ideas for guests. With such a simple brief to work with, I knew I could introduce a natural mix of inspirational people, business leaders, celebrities and find a home for those without necessarily a high profile but with interesting lives worthy of airtime.

  • #26 – Crystal Eisinger

    Published October 18, 2020

    Helen chats to Google’s Crystal Eisinger Crystal is responsible for social media for Google UK, at just 30, her contribution to the tech & media world has already been recognised in a series of awards. Crystal shares her leadership style; the secrets to driving positive change by being ‘more pirate’ & reveals she’s writing a…

  • #25 – Helaine Blumenfeld OBE

    Published October 11, 2020

    Helen chats with world-renowned sculptor Helaine Blumenfeld OBE   American-born sculptor Helaine Blumenfeld gives a fascinating insight into how she creates her public sculptures – some of which are five metres high – in materials like white Italian marble & bronze. Helaine talks about her extraordinary life from growing up in New York; studying under…

  • #24 – Adil Ray OBE

    Published October 4, 2020

    Helen chats to actor, writer & broadcaster Adil Ray OBE Adil Ray, of Good Morning Britain & Citizen Khan fame, talks about his upcoming film with Dame Judi Dench; the joys of live broadcasting on ITV & Lingo – the new word game he’s hosting. Mr Khan makes a welcome appearance, as Helen & Adil…

  • #23 – Patrick Hutchinson

    Published September 27, 2020

    Personal trainer Patrick Hutchinson made headlines all over the world when an unforgettable photograph of him carrying a far-right protestor to safety during a Black Lives Matter demonstration in London went viral. Patrick tells Helen how his life changed that day. His unexpected notoriety has given him & his friends a platform to set up…

  • #22 – Lewis Pugh

    Published September 20, 2020

    Helen chats to UN Patron of the Oceans Lewis Pugh Endurance swimmer Lewis Pugh describes the harsh dangers & absolute beauty of swimming in a glacial river under the ice sheet in Antarctica in just his Speedos to highlight the devastating effects of climate change. Lewis explains how all of our futures will be determined…

  • #21 – Camille Waxer

    Published September 13, 2020

    Helen chats to Camille Waxer, CAO of Canary Wharf Group plc Camille talks about the challenges & joys of transforming the Docklands wasteland of the early nineties into a stunning city within a city. She also shares her love of art which she’s brought to the Canary Wharf estate; discusses the importance of women at…

  • #20 – Neil Jeffers

    Published September 6, 2020

    Helen chats to Capt Neil Jeffers, Chief Pilot of London’s Air Ambulance Neil gives a fascinating insight into what it’s like flying advanced trauma medics to the scene of critical incidents including stabbings, shootings & road accidents in the capital. London has one of the world’s most complex & crowded airspaces and the aim is…

  • #19 – Richard Coles

    Published August 30, 2020

    Helen chats to Radio 4 presenter the Rev Richard Coles Former Communard, vicar of Finedon, co-presenter of BBC’s Saturday Live, musician, writer & Twitter lover Richard Coles shares stories from his youth, his days as an accidental pop star & life as a vicar. Richard also talks about coping with grief after the unexpected loss of the love of…

  • #18 – Dee Caffari MBE

    Published August 23, 2020

    Dee shares remarkable stories from her six circumnavigations of the globe. She earned a place in the record books & an MBE for being the first woman to go solo the ‘wrong’ way, against prevailing winds & currents, inspired by Sir Chay Blyth. Dee talks frankly about life alone in some of the most hostile…

  • #17 – Ben Warner

    Published August 16, 2020

    Ben shares his extraordinary business journey. He started out selling sandwiches & opened his first café more than 20 years ago with his brother Hugo, hence the name ‘Benugo’. He talks to Helen about the ups & downs of growing his business into a £100-million-pound empire, the challenges of being in some of Britain’s most…

  • #16 – Ollie Ollerton

    Published August 9, 2020

    Helen chats with former UK Special Forces operative Ollie Ollerton from Channel Four’s reality show SAS : Who Dares Wins. Ollie talks frankly about the battles he’s been determined to overcome, including a vicious & traumatic attack when he was a young boy & shares how he uses his own extreme personal & military experiences…

  • #15 – Gethin Jones

    Published August 2, 2020

    Interview with TV Presenter Gethin Jones Helen chats to Gethin Jones about his time on Celebrity MasterChef 2020 including his surprise departure at the final stages. Gethin also talks about presenting on The One Show & Radio 2, his Blue Peter audition & the autism foundation he’s set up inspired by his nephew. And he…