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Our target clients include corporations and businesses with complex needs as well as specialist insurers and cedants. We focus on organisations that are leaders in their fields, who require bespoke risk solutions from their insurance partners.
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We want to work smarter than everybody else – and building our business from scratch provides the opportunity to do just that. We are using the latest technology and partnering with teams of industry experts to enable us to operate efficiently and respond swiftly to change.
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Data and analytics is central to the successful delivery of solutions to you and your brokers. We are investing in the latest data and analytics capabilities to help us make informed decisions and deliver exceptional service.
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Stephen Catlin and Paul Brand launch Convex Group with $1.7bn initial capital

Resolving claims, even complex ones, fairly and efficiently is what insurance and reinsurance is all about. We will work collaboratively with you and your broker to manage claims and mitigate their impact on your business should the unexpected happen.

Convex is a newly formed international speciality insurer and reinsurer

Everything we do affects how others see us and we all share responsibility for building our reputation

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