Providing an exceptional claims service is about being accountable to our clients and delivering when you need it most. We can’t eradicate the need to claim, but we can give you the security of knowing we have the expertise, resources and relationships to support you if the unexpected happens.

Sharon Long

Head of Claims

As a team we have the deepest specialist capabilities and industry knowledge as well as a service attitude and client orientation. This helps us fast track the claim process by seeing things from the client’s perspective and bespoking the process for the client.

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  • We apply our claims intelligence to ensure we pay valid claims quickly
  • We are available 24/7 and clearly identify who is handling a matter
  • We provide clear explanations of decisions and proposals
  • We use the best experts on your behalf
  • We control our experts
  • Our adjusters are empowered decision makers
  • We are straightforward and fair in our dealings and if there is an issue we will communicate it swiftly
  • We work with Underwriters from the time of placement to the time a claim is made to ensure our service is focused on needs which are really understood

Making Informed Decisions


Need to make a claim?

If you need to report a claim or would like an update on an existing claim:
For Convex Re Claims please contact [email protected]
For Convex Insurance UK claims please contact [email protected]

Please call +44 (0)20 3997 1153

Meet the team

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Sharon Long
Chief Claims Officer
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Will Strover
Head of Equine Claims
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Leigh Gladden
Head of Aviation and Aerospace Claims
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Sam James
Head of Casualty Claims
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Rob Frost
Head of Property Claims
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Henrietta Gordon
Solicitor: Senior Claims Adjuster Financial Lines
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David Pusiak
Head of Marine Claims
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Laura Gaweda
Senior Casualty Claims Adjuster
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Patricia Castro
Head of Energy Claims
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Heather Kitson
Deputy CEO, Bermuda