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Providing an exceptional claims service is about being accountable to our clients and delivering when you need it most. We can’t eradicate the need to claim, but we can give you the security of knowing we have the expertise, resources and relationships to support you if the unexpected happens.

Claim contacts

If you need to report a claim or would like an update on an existing claim, please email one of the following, or call +44 (0)20 3997 1153

Sharon Long

Chief Claims Officer

As a team we have the deepest specialist capabilities and industry knowledge as well as a service attitude and client orientation. This helps us fast track the claim process by seeing things from the client’s perspective and bespoking the process for the client.

Our down to earth approach will get your business back up to speed

A fair and straightforward approach is integral to swift claims resolution. Experience tells us this can only be made possible if we see things from our clients’ perspective. 

Not driven by process. Just driven.

We’re driven to reaching the best possible outcomes for our clients. Looking at things from our clients perspective, creating bespoke claims experiences with dedicated expertise, responsive communication is the only process we follow.

Need to make a claim?

In order for us to deal with your claim as fast as possible, please fill in the form below and your inquiry will be directed to the relevant team.