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Our team benefits from a strong reputation built upon over decades in the business.

This means our clients and brokers know what to expect from us in terms of pricing, communication and a broader offering over time. We also bring a comprehensive understanding of risk, underpinned by our unique data and analytics approach.

We write a range of specialty reinsurance risks on both excess of loss and proportional basis, including: Accident & Health, Agriculture, Aviation & Space, Construction, Contingency, Cyber, Marine & Energy, Political risk, Surety and Credit and Terrorism & Crisis.

Christophe Chandler

Product Head of Specialty Re

I came to Convex with 20 years of experience in property reinsurance and four running specialty reinsurance.

Joining Convex represented the opportunity to be part of a business where everyone is aligned around the single purpose of building a business for the long term. We have some of the most talented people in the industry, all pushing in the same direction with a focus on the decisions and partnerships that will create long term value.

Crucially, the business is run by underwriters who fully understand the business we are in and will respond to losses in an appropriate way. This underwriting mentality is key to delivering consistent messages to clients and brokers. It also means that people see the bigger picture of the opportunity rather than reacting in a way that can jeopardise our trading relationships. It’s the nature of our business to have losses – we both accept them and know how to behave in their wake.