From wind farms to oil rigs, the energy sector is reliant upon expensive infrastructure that’s often found in remote locations. As a result, it faces some of the biggest and most complex risks in insurance.

We believe that the expertise and experience of our people, together with our joined-up use of data and analytics, gives us an exceptional understanding of those risks.

It means we can make better decisions, develop better products and give clients a better experience across the energy sector (upstream oil and gas, transportation, refining, petrochemicals, renewables and power).

Steve Hawkins

Head of Energy

As someone who’s been underwriting energy risks for 30 years, it’s immensely important that I work for a company that puts underwriting and client service at its heart.

I believe that the talent we attract, the way we use data and our collaborative culture makes us attractive to high-quality energy clients with complex risks. I also believe that our strong leadership, considered yet courageous attitude to risk-taking and long-term private capital will lead clients and the market to view us as a market leader.

If you’re a client or broker, this means you’ll know us not for our name, but for the experience you have with us.

Liv Tyler

Head of Marine Insurance

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Our strength is in assessing and choosing energy risks. We have 100+ years of combined experience, and we’re building relationships with other experts to get even better. We also use data intelligently to test our ‘gut feelings’ and make faster, more accurate decisions.

Product innovation is another area of focus. We’re collaborating here, too, joining forces with other energy insurers to provide the best-value products we can.

We empower our people to take responsibility for, and be critical of, the decisions they make. We also encourage them to be consistent in the way they interact with you. That way, we can build long-term relationships with you, with no surprises.

Ultimately, our approach is to try and provide more than just a competitive product that fulfils a necessary obligation, but something that you genuinely value.

Who we do business with

We’re establishing an energy practice with a considered approach to risk, a long-term view and a strong understanding of a client’s need. This will allow us to attract and retain high-quality clients: ones that that operate to high standards, are financially strong and have a clear focus.

We work with independent and major state-owned oil, gas and energy companies, principal industry service providers such as contractors, and other third-party service providers. Our cover can include physical damage, operator’s extra expense, business interruption and related third-party liabilities.

Who to speak to

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Steve Hawkins
Head of Energy
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Francis Lobo
Head of Engineering – Energy
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Tom Houston
Deputy Head of Energy