We offer comprehensive CAT, risk and pro-rata reinsurance products to a broad range of US-domiciled clients, from single-state mutuals to big multinationals. Our focus is on CAT exposures in Florida and California.

Whatever the size of the client, the relationship we have with them and their management is what matters. To build that relationship, we take a differentiated, data-driven approach to managing risk. This gives our clients and brokers have the peace of mind that we have the capacity to pay claims at any stage in the cycle. There are no nasty surprises.


Sam Ashard

Product Leader, US Property Treaty

I joined Convex after 14 years in the industry including 4 years in a very similar role. The appeal for me was that our management team has an underwriting background. They’re very respected in the industry, too: they worked hard to build up a reputation for paying claims fairly and quickly, acting thoughtfully and responding fast to changes in circumstances without exposing clients or brokers to unpleasant surprises.

They also had a clear idea of the kind of business and culture they wanted to create: collaborative, with no internal competition. We’re all incentivised to make the right decision for the company, even if it shrinks our own book of business. Everyone trusts and respects each other, and we work to build that trust with our clients and brokers.

How we work

We manage our capital against the largest concentrations of CAT exposure, which are generally concentrated in the south east (Florida) and north east (New York).

Our clean balance sheet means we’re not affected by losses, and can afford to take a large relative position in areas where rates have gone up following a catastrophe. We then look to balance that with smaller positions in areas that have been free of major losses for some time. This allows us to manage our risk and give our clients reassurance that we have the capacity to honour their claims quickly at any point in the trading cycle.

We use data to confirm our informed opinion of risk, then we allocate our capacity to the clients with whom we think we can build a mutually beneficial relationship in the long term.


Who we do business with

We work mainly with commercial or homeowner property insurers that are domiciled in the US (with a focus on Florida and California). They can vary from single-state mutuals to big multinationals that are looking to cover their CAT, risk and pro-rata exposures.

Our main concern is that they understand the importance of reinsurance and share our willingness to build a positive, lasting relationship that benefits us both. We also look for cedents that have good-quality data, are transparent and know how to behave after a loss.

Meet the Team

Allie Riker
Trainee Underwriter - US Property Treaty

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