We offer comprehensive CAT, risk and pro-rata reinsurance products to a broad range of clients, from small mutuals to big multinationals. Our focus is on CAT exposures in Europe, Japan, Canada, the Australias and the Caribbean.

We work closely with the US Property Treaty team to make sure we manage our risk and allocate our capacity globally in a way that benefits us and our clients. Together with our collaborative culture, clean balance sheet and considered use of data, this allows us to give our clients and brokers a consistent level of service for the long term.


Richard Slater

Head of International Property Treaty

The big attraction of Convex is that our management team grew up underwriting – they’re not management consultants who’ve read a business school manual. They understand the industry and have a track record of building and managing businesses.

The culture is another attraction. It’s about collaborating closely for the common good, not individual agendas. I’ve been in insurance since 1996, including 12 years in a very similar role to this one. So I know that building this kind of culture, and getting people to buy into it, is harder than you might think. Everyone really does trust and respect each other here – and we work to build that trust with our clients and brokers.

How we work

Other reinsurers might view a market that hasn’t seen a major loss for many years as an opportunity to grow their business. But reinsurers that sold more products in Japan while the rates were low were hit hard when the 10-year gross loss ratio leapt to 150%. Our clean balance sheet means we’re not affected by losses in these markets, so we can afford to take a large relative position. We then look to balance that with smaller positions in more static markets, such as Europe. By looking at relative value across the globe, and using data intelligently to sense-check our own view of risk, we can trade through the cycle. It’s why we know our market and our relative stake in it.

This means we can maintain the consistent capacity needed to pay claims quickly, and build relationships with clients that are based on mutual trust as well as mutual benefit.


Who we do business with

We work mainly with commercial or homeowner property insurers in Europe, Japan, Canada, the Australias and the Caribbean. They can vary from small mutuals that buy one or two products to global giants that buy a cross-business, cross-CAT program.

For us, the size of a cedent isn’t the important thing. We look for partners that have good-quality, transparent data, understand risk and know how to behave responsibly after a loss. Ultimately, we want to build lasting partnerships that pay off for everyone.

Meet the Team

Richard Slater
Product Leader International Property Treaty
Christophe Chandler
Product Leader Specialty Re and International Property Treaty
Miles Brewer
Property Treaty Underwriter
Sam James
Head of Casualty Claims
David Pusiak
Head of Marine Claims
Amon Wedderburn
Trainee Underwriter

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