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Equine insurance is a niche, complex area that involves understanding not just the earning power of the animal, but the entire system that supports it. That means knowing that the producer x the right people in their network – from vets to value appraisers – and protecting the asset accordingly.


We have the skills and specialist partners to insure Equine clients against risks including mortality, infertility, accident and theft.

Our Equine insurance consists of two categories: thoroughbred (breeding and racing) and equestrian (show jumping, eventing, dressage, polo and leisure). Our proactive approach, together with our use of data and over 45 years of combined experience, mean we can assess risks comprehensively and price our products competitively.

For general questions feel free to ask the team directly via email at their team inbox.

Equine: [email protected]

Niall Mckibbin

Head of Equine & Livestock

The Equine market has experienced unprecedented losses since 2018/19 (around 12 horses globally, with a total value of $140 million). This has hardened the direct and reinsurance markets in a way I haven’t seen in my more than 40 years of experience. Premiums have gone up correspondingly, particularly in Australia and parts of the UK and US.

Our clean balance sheet and lack of legacy claims make us less vulnerable to this challenging market than our competitors. It means we can focus on using data and analytics to help us make the right underwriting decisions, now and in the future. We can also work on strengthening our relationships and extending our offer to include equine-related products. (For example, personal accident, liability and property.)

This will give you the convenience of having a full-service solution for your equine insurance needs. At the same time, our use of data will give you the peace of mind that we’ve considered your risks comprehensively.

Who we work with

Clients may be globally recognised in their field, such as the owner of an £80 million stallion, or maybe insuring a $2,000 pony. We protect clients of all sizes against risks including mortality, infertility, accident and theft.

This shows that it isn’t the scale of the opportunity that drives us, but the energy and excitement of building something new. Our focus is on giving the clients a genuinely different experience.

How we work

Our team of Equine and Livestock specialists is second to none and includes a semi-professional event rider, Alycia Port.

We underpin that knowledge and decades of experience with real-time data and cutting-edge technology. That means we trust our instincts, but use data to confirm them – so we can make better, faster decisions at every stage of the underwriting process. And because we work from ‘clean’ data, we can decide now how we want to use it in the future.

In this regulatory and compliance-driven world, we also stand out for our commitment to looking after our coverholders. We apply our experience to authorising and onboarding coverholders and managing the relationship between claims, legal and compliance. This gives clients high-quality local access to our expertise, and helps their claims to go through quickly and smoothly.