We underwrite insurance and reinsurance for complex specialty risks across a diverse range of business lines in London and Bermuda. Our underwriters are well practiced in leading lines of business and have experience in developing new products.

In terms of approach, we are transparent about what we charge and consistent in our underwriting appetite. When we commit to a line of business, we commit over the long term – not exiting a market the moment things get tough.

Delegated Authority

We work with trusted coverholders in the major markets across all lines of insurance business.

Digital Underwriting

That means we don’t rule out areas of insurance just because they’re difficult or potentially unprofitable. Instead, we test our hypotheses against almost real-time data. This allows us to confirm our instincts and see how a risk compares to other, similar ones. We can then price risks more accurately, and offer you a full spectrum of marine cover.

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Security Response

When it comes to choosing kidnap, ransom and extortion insurance, you need absolute confidence in the response team’s ability to resolve a crisis quickly and safely.

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