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#89 – Shabnam Dawran

Published March 6, 2022

Afghan news presenter Shabnam Dawran on standing up to the Taliban

To mark International Women’s day, we hear from Shabnam Dawran – a national news presenter from Afghanistan – who made headlines all over the world for standing up to the Taliban in Kabul when she was refused entry to her TV studios in the first few days of the new regime. 
The 26-year-old was forced to flee her home country a few months ago after being threatened at gun point & sharing her story on social media.
With support from Convex, Shabnam is building a new life in the UK with her younger brother and sister but dreams of returning to her family in Afghanistan in safer times & resuming her career as a national news anchor. 

Shabnam Dawran – Blue headscarf

Shabnam Dawran – News

Shabnam Dawran – UN Meeting