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#85 – Rhian Stephenson

Published January 23, 2022

Helen chats to ARTAH founder & nutritional therapist Rhian Stephenson

As well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions fade & over-ambitious goals for a new body start to slip, wellness guru Rhian Stephenson explains the power of food and how to feel good & energised all year round.

Rhian is a nutritional therapist & naturopath who gave up her role as CEO of Psycle London to create her own wellness company, ARTAH out of her passion to help and inspire people to enjoy optimal health.

As a child Rhian suffered unexplained respiratory illnesses & skin conditions which were only resolved when, aged 17, a naturopath discovered she was allergic to a protein in milk.


Rhian Stephenson

Rhian Stephenson – ARTAH Product