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#76 – Harv Smyth

Published October 31, 2021

AVM Harv Smyth, Britain’s first Director Space, talks about building the UK’s space programme

Air Vice-Marshal Harv Smyth gives a fascinating insight into his job as as Britain’s first ever Director Space for the Ministry of Defence, responsible for building & delivering a national space programme for the UK.

A fast-jet pilot of 20 years & former leader of the combat arm of the Royal Air Force, AVM Smyth reveals he’s currently concentrating on low earth orbit, operating 63 miles above our planet and beyond.

His focus is looking back at Earth from space, using satellites & state- of-the-art technology to help with issues like climate change, agriculture, coastal erosion & to militarily protect & defend our nation.


Harv Smyth on board

Harv Smyth mid flight