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#57 – David Montenegro OBE

Published June 20, 2021

Helen meets the Officer Commanding of The Red Arrows at RAF Scampton

Wing Commander David Montenegro OBE – Officer Commanding of the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team – chats to Helen about the Reds’ role on the world stage & the images he’ll never forget of the G7 leaders captivated by their display.

Monty talks about the innovative work going on with students & industry to develop a sustainable synthetic fuel mix for the iconic red, white & blue smoke; shares the thoughts that went through his mind as he made history leading the team into China & reveals the split-second decisions which saved his life when he & his synchro teammate clipped each other as they flew their Hawks towards each other at a closing speed of 800mph.



David Montenegro OBE – Formation

David Montenegro OBE – cockpit

David Montenegro OBE – Prince William

David Montenegro OBE – Flight

David Montenegro OBE – Politicians