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#53 – Chris Floyd

Published May 23, 2021

Chris Floyd shares stories about some of the artists, musicans & actors he’s photographed

Chris Floyd takes us on a wander through his photographic archives – both film & digital – sharing stories behind the portraits he’s taken of some of the world’s most famous artists, musicians & actors.

Chris’s images of The Verve; David Hockney; Damian Hirst; Sir Paul McCartney; Oasis; Adrian Lester; Dame Sheila Hancock; Paul Weller; Naomi Watts; Olivia Colman; John Lee Hooker; Iggy Pop & Robert de Niro – to name but a few – have graced the covers of magazines over the last two decades. And recently Chris was invited to Kensington Palace to photograph Willliam & Kate for their tenth wedding anniversary.


Chris Floyd – Royals

Chris Floyd – Person 2

Chris Floyd – Person 1