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#21 – Camille Waxer

Published September 13, 2020

Helen chats to Camille Waxer, CAO of Canary Wharf Group plc

Camille talks about the challenges & joys of transforming the Docklands wasteland of the early nineties into a stunning city within a city.

She also shares her love of art which she’s brought to the Canary Wharf estate; discusses the importance of women at senior levels; talks about the drive & determination she believes she got from her father & laughs about her well-known dislike of holidays!



Camille Waxer – Wharf

Camille Waxer – tunnel

Camille Waxer – Red

Camille Waxer – artwork

Camille Waxer – Dancers

Camille Waxer – city

Camille Waxer – sculpture