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# 179 – Oli France

Published June 27, 2024

Oli France’s Journey from Death Valley to the Summit of Denali

Explorer Oli France on his 64-day, 3,588-mile ‘human powered’ journey, cycling alone for 39 days from Death Valley in California to Denali, eventually reaching the summit of one of the world’s most challenging mountains.

Oli spent ten years dreaming of and five years planning ‘The Ultimate Seven’ project – expeditions which will culminate in, hopefully, him becoming the first person to travel from the lowest to the highest point of every continent, under his own steam.

Oli describes the highs and lows of part 2, from close encounters with bears and speeding trucks to traversing the wild Alaskan wilderness where few humans have been, crossing vast glacial crevasses, icy fords and treacherous terrain where zero complacency is essential for survival.