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#166 – Alice Loxton

Published March 4, 2024

Alice Loxton – Bringing History to Life for Millions on Socials

Historian Alice Loxton is on a mission to bring history to a wider, younger audience using the power of her 2 million followers on socials.

The 28-year-old presenter and author travels up and down the UK, filming intriguing bite-sized historical facts and little-known stories from various periods in authentic settings.

Alice has packed a lot in – working with The National Trust, Downing Street, Sky Arts, Christies, Sotheby’s, and more – and hosts documentaries on History Hit TV with Dan Snow who calls his co-presenter ‘the star of her generation – the next big thing in history’.

Her debut book Outrage is released in paperback this month and her new book, 18, is available to pre-order.