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#152 – Harry Dennis and Gavin Parker

Published November 5, 2023

Waterhaul – Transforming Harmful Ocean Plastic into Sunglasses

Frustrated by abandoned fishing nets – known as ‘ghost gear’ – dumped on their local Cornish beaches and coastline, marine biologists & keen surfers Harry Dennis and Gavin Parker searched for a sustainable solution. 

They discovered the very properties which make discarded fishing gear such a threat to the ocean & marine life – it’s abundance, strength, durability and flexibility – make it a perfect material to work with, and so risked everything to set up Waterhaul.

After much trial and error, they’re collecting the nets and end-of-life material, recycling the plastic, separating the polymers, and turning harmful waste products into stylish sunglasses and eyewear, with plans to scale their already successful business.