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#146 – Olly Williams & Suzi Winstanley

Published September 24, 2023

Artists Olly & Suzi’s Expeditions in the Wild Interacting with Endangered Species

Olly Williams and Suzi Winstanley – known simply as Olly and Suzi – have travelled the world together tracking, painting, sketching and photographing endangered species in the wild.

Their unique method of creating their art has led to powerful interactions and encounters with bears and buffalo, sharks and seals, hyenas and wild cats, and more.

They’ve trekked through jungles, deserts, the poles and remote wildernesses experiencing the natural world at its most raw and humbling and have become passionate conservationists, using their art to highlight the threats many of their subjects face.

Olly and Suzi’s work is held in private and public collections – including the Damien Hirst “Murder Me” collection and at the Natural History Museum – and Olly has just published his first poetry book, Draw of the Wild.


* Images courtesy of Greg Williams Photography and