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#137 – Jess Collett

Published June 18, 2023

Milliner to rock stars and royalty, Jess Collett on her passion for hats

Twenty-five years ago, a young hat-maker secured a grant from The Prince’s Trust to help fund her own atelier.

So as milliner Jess Collett joined millions watching the King’s Coronation, she felt grateful for the help she’d received but also knew all eyes were on the stunning head pieces she’d designed for the Princess of Wales and Princess Charlotte in collaboration with Alexander McQueen. Jess said she’d waited “all her hat-life” for that moment!

She’s designed for Madonna, Helena Bonham Carter, Princess Eugenie, Samantha Cameron, Pippa Middleton and many more famous people, but her passion is making hats for everyone and seeing the confidence the right one can bring.