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#133 – Martin Brunt

Published May 21, 2023

Crime reporter Martin Brunt reveals undisclosed stories behind the headlines

Crime reporter Martin Brunt has covered some of the biggest and most notorious crime stories in British history for Sky News for the last three decades. 

Still working in 24-hour breaking news, he’s finally found time to write a book – No One Got Cracked Over the Head for No Reason – filled with previously undisclosed details and fascinating inside track.

Martin shares gripping dispatches about his relationship with violent prisoner Charles Bronson; an unusual encounter with his music hero Sir Paul McCartney; discusses the nations insatiable appetite for crime, both real-life and fiction, and reveals how a fascination with Valerio Viccei, the charismatic Italian robber behind Britain’s biggest ever jewellery heist, ended in a death threat!

Photograph by Mark Senn





Convicted robber Valerio Viccei