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#131 – Daniel Wiegand

Published May 8, 2023

Lilium co-founder Daniel Wiegand shows Helen the first electric vertical take-off and…

Daniel Wiegand shares the story of how he came up with the concept and architecture for the electric Lilium jet as a young engineering student inspired by the V-22 Osprey – a vertical take-off US military aircraft — and how he’s grown the company from the ground up.

More than a billion euros and some of the finest minds in aerospace and engineering are behind the creation of the world’s first, zero emissions electric vertical take-off and landing jet, an eVTOL, which it’s hoped will revolutionise the way we travel regionally.

Helen becomes the first British journalist to fly in the simulator at Lilium’s HQ in Munich where more than 800 people from 56 countries are working towards the aircraft’s certification in 2025.