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Andy Merry - Wide image - Convex Conversation

#119 – Andy Merry

Published January 17, 2023

More people have been to space than have been Yeoman Warders at The Tower of London – a role created by King Henry V11 after the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485.
Former Royal Marine Commando Andy Merry talks about the Yeoman Warders’ role in modern day history, giving us a behind the scenes look at guarding Her Majesty The Queen as she lay in state; their involvement in the proclamation of King Charles 111, and in the upcoming Coronation.
From his home in the shadow of The Crown Jewels, Andy shares some of the lesser-known stories and tales from the iconic Royal palace and fortress’s thousand-year history and invites Helen to witness the Ceremony of the Keys which has taken place every night at The Tower for the last 700 years.
Andy also talks about tackling Mont Blanc after his MS diagnosis.