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#107 – Betsi Rose Powley

Published September 21, 2022

Instagram inspiration @betsiatthemarsden explains how sharing her cancer journey has helped her and others

Ten-year-old Betsi Rose Powley tells Helen that sharing her battle with Ewing Sarcoma – a rare form of cancer – with 70,000+ followers on Instagram has kept her positive through gruelling chemo & radiotherapy, and made her happy she’s helped others cope with with their treatment. 

In her first podcast, Betsi says making short films from her hospital bed at The Royal Marden kept her going, gave her the confidence to talk to other young cancer patients for support and sparked the idea for a unique project to help other poorly children.

She’s raised more than £23,000 so she can design pyjamas with special areas for tubes & ports so PJs no longer get cut up during treatment and has started her own label BAM Wear – Betsi And Monkey.  Follow @betsiatthemarsden 



Betsi Rose Powley – Outside

Betsi Rose Powley – Home

Betsi Rose Powley – Hospital