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#02 – Claire Lomas

Published May 2, 2020

Interview with paralysed motivational speaker Claire Lomas MBE

When Claire Lomas was paralysed in a riding accident, she remembers thinking in her darkest days how dull life would be. In our Convex Conversation she reveals how wrong she was. Claire talks about the extraordinary challenges she’s taken on, not least of them becoming a mum against the odds. She’s raised more than three quarters of a million pounds for spinal research, including for The Nicholls’ Spinal Injury Foundation. She races motorbikes; skis; walks marathons in a bionic suit & is learning to fly.

Clair Lomas – Talk

Clair Lomas – Bike

Clair Lomas – Snow

Clair Lomas – Glider

Clair Lomas – portrait