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Family Friendly Policies

Family Support at Convex

Supporting our Convex family

If a Convexian (yep, that’s what we call ourselves!) is going through any kind of family life event, it’s our aim to make sure each and every one of them has the best possible experience.

To help achieve that, we offer a range of policies and benefits to Convexians so that they can feel confident they’re making the right choices that work for them and their family during these life events and beyond. All our benefits, including our family support benefits, are offered to you from the very first day of your employment with Convex.

No matter how you become a parent, whichever parent you are, we offer Convexians 26 weeks of leave at full pay. In addition primary carers can take up to 52 weeks of leave.

We also think that small touches help when you are on family leave. If any Convexian has a new family member we like to send them a little gift from Convex. We also send out a quarterly newsletter to everyone on family leave, with a round up of relevant Convex news.

Finally, we give Convexians 5 days a year of emergency dependent leave to help manage the unexpected and in the UK we have partnered with BrightHorizons to give 10 days of paid child or elder care.