London & Bermuda

Nine week internship

Convex is a newly formed international specialty insurer and reinsurer founded by Stephen Catlin and Paul Brand. With operations in London and Bermuda, Convex occupies a unique position in the insurance industry combining unrivalled experience, reputation and a legacy-free balance sheet.

Modern. Open. Inspired. Joyful

From the words our people use to describe us, it’s clear that we’re different. Convex has a stimulating environment in which experts in their fields work together to challenge the status quo. That’s why everything about working at Convex – from the culture we create to the equipment we provide – feels uniquely Convex. If it sounds like somewhere you’d thrive, we’d love you to apply to our Summer Intern Programme.


What we offer

  • Regular technical and personal skills development sessions
  • The opportunity to work on a Group Executive Committee sponsored project
  • Salary of £400 per week
  • Benefits including a £200 voucher for Zara or H&M
  • Not forgetting working with and learning from an awesome group of people!

Discover your opportunity

We have intern opportunities available in a number of our key business areas. Please may we ask that you select only two choices for your business area preference. Closing date for applications 16 March 2021.


London Apply here
Bermuda Apply here

Dan Curran

Head of Casualty

The sea change in the market is being driven by both deteriorating attritional loss ratios and significant single risk losses. Claims severity/social inflation are impacting programme towers with many insureds/brokers now finding it increasingly difficult to fill large towers of capacity. Given the long tail nature of the business it is hard to see that poor performance will be restricted to one single accident year and so the expectation is that rate hardening will continue into and potentially beyond 2020.

Although I joined Catlin when it was a small business, this is my first opportunity to help build something from the very beginning. Given the calibre of people at Convex, I am extremely excited and feel privileged to be part of this new insurance company of the future.

As a new business we can focus efforts on looking forward – rather than back – and concentrate on building a product offering; individual to our clients’ needs without the collective responsibility of historical performance.

With a strong focus and significant investment in obtaining quality data and utilising it effectively, we believe we can accurately price risk. We also aim to minimise costs through Convex’s flexible structure which concentrates its expenditure on underwriting talent, claims capability and data analytics, in order to provide a reliable and sustainable service offering, tailored to client needs. Convex is backed by long-term capital, making us a dependable, enduring insurance partner for our clients, throughout the underwriting cycle.

Who we do business with

We are open to all types of clients: from the heavily risk managed businesses, to those that are growing and want to assume more of their own risk.

Whether the prospective clients are single territory or large multinational business we have the expertise to offer the right solution.

What about our new product ?

Being part of the new web era

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