In a casualty market witnessing a contraction in capacity and rising costs, we can offer clients and brokers a superior experience.

Our best-in-class underwriters have the experience to help clients, from Fortune 1000 companies to SMEs, with their most complex exposures. We make sure we’re completely immersed in your challenges and risks so we can provide the best products and the most efficient, professional service. Our clean balance sheet and data and analytics approach also set us apart, by making our pricing and decision-making more attractive.

We write professional liability, general liability, product liability and employers’ liability, both direct and through delegated authorities. Our portfolio focuses on North America (mainly the US), the UK & Ireland and international casualty business.

Dan Curran

Head of Casualty

The casualty market is in transition after years of price softening. Across the market, legacy claims from losses in previous years are driving prices up. Given the long tail nature of the business, we expect this rate hardening to continue.

At Convex, we have the benefit of a clean balance sheet. This means we can focus on looking forward for our clients, and anticipating their future needs, rather than looking back. We can concentrate on building a product offering that’s tailored to our clients, without the collective responsibility of historical performance.

This is the first opportunity in my 24-year insurance career to help build something from the very beginning. That includes putting together an exceptional team – one of the largest in the company, with a breadth of expertise across all the main casualty classes.

Liv Tyler

Head of Marine Insurance

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We make sure we’re completely immersed in understanding the challenges and exposures our clients face, so we can provide the best service and products.

We use Convex’s strong focus on obtaining quality data and joining it up to help us accurately price risk (Casualty insurance is particularly data-rich due to the availability of good-quality loss information). And because we have a clean slate, we can start categorising data now according to how we want to use it in the future, to give us a competitive advantage.

We also minimise costs through Convex’s flexible structure, which focuses its expenditure on the best underwriting talent, claims capability and data analytics. This allows us to give our clients a reliable and sustainable service, tailored to your needs. Finally, we’re backed by long-term capital, which makes us a dependable, enduring insurance partner throughout the underwriting cycle.

Who we do business with

We’re open to all types of clients, from heavily risk-managed Fortune 1000 businesses to UK SMEs that are growing and want to assume more of their own risk.

This means we cover third-party property damage and bodily injury for large manufacturers, trucking companies and hospital chains to name a few. We’re also building strong, long-term relationships with established and profitable managing general agencies (MGAs) that help us access smaller businesses.

Whatever your size, sector or geographic spread, we have the expertise to offer the right solution.

Who to speak to

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Dan Curran
Head of Casualty
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Nick Waddell
Senior Underwriter – Casualty
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Gemma Johnson
Underwriter – Healthcare